What are Audiozines? A call out for Musicians

You might be familiar with the modality of ‘Zines’, the super punk self publishing of collaborative art and mixed media using just a small bit of folded paper. Usually these are sold cheap on the countertops of vinyl record stores, pinned to notice boards or if you’re really lucky, found conspicuously hanging around park benches to be taken home and pondered over. Sometimes they are abstract, a work of art in themselves, othertimes educational. Ok so you get the gist on that one…but what are Audiozines? The ‘Audiozine’ is a term coined by Brighton musician Gabrielle Balfe which describes a sound experiment, that incorporates submitted sound art and collaborations, from recorded poetry to vocal reflection or personal reports under a theme. With Gabrielle Balfe as musician, we produced the first ever official audiozine on the universal experience of loneliness which was chosen for broadcasting on BBC Radio Sussex shortly after it was published. This amazing project brought some of the most reflective and empowering artists together to make meaning of loneliness and the lessons it can harbour.

But this was just the beginning. It quickly sparked a whole set of audiozine project ideas and now, I embark on what has become a much larger project, collaborating with musicians and wordsmiths to explore and humanise the most vulnerable emotions. The second, on Grief, will be published very soon and I can’t wait for you to hear it!

Looking to the future with this project, I hope to make a number of Audiozines that can one day exist in their own exhibition, creating a 4D multi room art piece for the public to feel and experience.

For now, I am looking for musicians to collaborate with for the next audiozine on Shame. If youre a musician and would like to apply, please get in touch with links to your work/portfolio and I shall get back to you in due course