The Word Cafe Podcast is OUT!

HELLO! Well Well Well it is here, the moment we’ve all been waiting for! Look no further, this. is. it.

At long last our dear friends at The Barrel House in Totnes, Devon, UK have published a wonderful short series of interviews and poetry sharing by some successful poets of our time.

This series was really a good laugh to listen along and edit down to nice 23 minute length episodes and despite some rather dodgy sync and record problems due to the mud cladden, bracken tangled cables and WiFi waves in the Devonshire countryside, I think we managed to make something rather beautiful and coherent!

With Julie Mullen and Matt Harvey presenting, guests include the brilliant: Johnny Fluffypunk, Jackie Juno, Helen Ivory, Susan Taylor, Liv Torc, Chris Redmond, Izzy Metesini, Simon Williams, Robert Garnham and last but not least, the wonderful Rory Cunningham! What a lineup!!

I was also pleased that Julie and Matt liked the choice in music for the series, each episode opening with just a few bars of Wax Machine’s ‘This’ to get us in the mood for some poetry divination. Wax Machine were a Brighton based band that seemed to tumble through a time portal from the 70’s, with weird and wonderful visuals accompanying their YouTube videos which also provide good evidence of their youth. Its true that all of Wax Machine were in their early 20s at most when the band was thriving 5 years before now.

The band dispersed so members could join various other new music projects. Check out their weird, wonderful and BRILLIANT video for ‘This’ here! You won’t believe it wasn’t made 50 years ago.

It was great to work with the team behind this podcast, made possible by The Arts Council. And now it is ready for your ears!! SO without further ado! Here is The Word Cafe Lockdown Podcast, ENJOY!