Billie Eliot Turner

Influencing a Future for Podcasting

Billie Eliot turner

Influencing a future for audio production

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Love with nowhere to go – an audiozine on grief

Must we really embrace grief even at its most difficult? Might grief be a portal to some deeper healing? Should we even attempt to make meaning out of grief’s mystery? One thing that is for sure, is that grief is part of life. And so here, artists and big thinkers explore ways in which that is true. An attempt to help us feel, in grief, that little bit more human. Selected for broadcasting on BBC Radio Sussex in 2021

Project Manager/Producer: Billie Eliot
Music Directors and Composers: Gabriella Biazotti and Holly Sibley.

Behind closed doors at Lewes FC

Billie talks with the amazing players of the first club in the world to pay the women as much as the men. How did these women get here? What keeps them going through highs and lows? Fascinating, motivating and inspiring!
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A short mystical exploration on what it even means to be a woman in 2021 with music from Annie Elliott and words from Charlie West, Gabriella Biazotti, Veronique Hawksworth, Maddie Broad, Jo Headland and Annie Elliott


An hour of discovery into the world of everyday adventuring- no venture is too small for this radio show. Inspiration from fascinating everyday people. Tune in or listen live Thursdays 4pm on
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Talk of Tru.

Tru. is a not-for-profit initiative advocating for socio-ethical topics whilst innovating wider impact on sustainability, science, sentience, nutrition, mental health and more. Billie is the project manager for Tru.’s monthly roundup podcast and co-hosts with Charlotte West.

You Are Not Alone –
An AudioZine on Loneliness

What might it be like to never feel lonely again? How can we find nourishment in our loneliest experiences? Does sharing our reflections dispel the universal experience of the individual? Normal folk contribute to this short audiozine documentary produced by Billie Eliot Turner with Music Director Gabrielle Balfe and selected for broadcasting on BBC Radio Sussex in 2020


A fun and insightful podcast, Billie interviews eccentric characters to discuss how they make the most out of life. Lucid Dreaming, Radical Communication or Biophilia anyone? Dive in

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A fun and ridiculous Queer advice mini-series from Brighton’s very own Billie and Kirsty! Consider this your LGBTQ+ agony aunt resource of 2020

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