How is the Activism Podcast making course going with ONCA?

I’m glad you asked! Because WOW have we got a bunch of incredible minds on this course with ONCA Brighton,.an arts charity that bridges social and environmental justice issues with creativity! When I spoke with ONCA’s director Persephone about my podcast teaching, it made every sense to partner up and host an ACTIVISM themed course for ONCA followers. Ideas from menstrual empowerment to the fascinating stories behind the idioms of the Ewe population have been bubbling up from the surface and I can not WAIT to see the fruits of our participants labour and showcase some of these amazing stories on the ONCA website once the course wraps up in two weeks time. Watch this space for further announcements on that!

If you are an organisation interested in hosting a podcast making course tailored to your mission/ethos and lead by me, contact me