While Billie Eliot Turner’s work tends to revolve around a sexual engagement with the body, the world’s impending need to be listened to by it’s people took primary importance in her latest work. Dissecting the divides in humanity made between those either side of white supremacy,

Billie explores the suffering of the oppressor with humor and sensitivity entwined. The white supremacist with the means to fly, experiences (only, god forbid, a semi-) defeat, a very public display of emotional injury, hoping to receive more attention rather than looking at the real underlying issues at play. This work is a thought process as a result of engaging with Queer Feminist Eco-criticism, an emerging collective movement of ideas that proves that human engagement (or non-engagement) with Feminism and the Eco and Climate crisis are interlinked.

The Patriarchal world in which we live can explain a growing capitalism (and vice versa) that encourages us to consume for our own fulfillment. Just one example of the destruction of this paradigm; materials like plastic are proven to play between being of immediate convenience and a drastic inconvenience in their incredible slow decomposition. But like women and queer bodies, when they serve their immediate purpose they can be easily forgotten. Billie will be talking further at the Lewes Depot in mid-May for Green Week. Date tbc



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April 30, 2019